We handle large and small projects. We have and can remodel a restaurant that seats over 120 people. We know how to turn an old cramped bathroom into a private spa. We’ll even design and place a single closet system to help you get better organized. We construct seamless additions that double your living space. We remodel great basements. We install green technology like geothermal and solar heating/AC and insulated concrete foundations that can be built to take any shape you want. We are experts at making your home more energy efficient with new windows, siding and insulation.

We have a dedicated team of in-house carpenters, electricians, and other specialists who are all full-time employees (licensed, bonded, insured and accountable for their work). They are personally committed to making the project deliver the experience you want from your home. Standing behind our work means it’s finished the right way. We have worked on projects with award-winning architects and designers from across the country, and have built trusting long-term relationships with Sub Contractors in specialty fields like plumbing, electrical, and H.V.A.C who are just as dedicated to making our customers as happy as we are.

If you want to recreate the same classic feel of your existing home or blend a sleek modern feel with elements of the old, we have the experience you need to anticipate problems that may arise. Your project is not finished until you say it is.

Contrary to most contractors who specialize in only one or two areas, the Hubeymar Construction Company has a complete staff of qualified team members. We pride ourselves on performing 90% of the work on a project, allowing us to more accurately control the budget, timeline, quality, design, and meticulous attention to detail.